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Dave and I bought our very first house together in December *eeek*. So far it has all been quite an exciting journey, you know apart from having no heating in January, having a shower that dribbled more than ran and was decorated with approximately 13 different types of wallpaper (and counting). The house itself is ‘sturdy’ is something we can often be heard saying as we show people around. We both work in the architecture world and trying to agree on things can be quite testing at times and things have taken longer and cost more than we originally thought, but I love it. So far we have concentrated on the living room and have so far managed to knock a wall down, fill in a door, strip the wallpaper, take the carpet up, put a new carpet down and painted the whole thing white – phew! Now I get extremely distracted by home accessory websites, you know the type, and when I am feeling a little bit low about the house I will treat us to a new accessory for the house and it seems to lift my spirits a little bit because sometimes it seems that we are making no progress even though we are in the background you just cant see the results so accessorising is the best bit. So I thought I would pull together some of the things I am loving for the home at the moment and that are on my wish list.

Dave hates cushions and when I am looking at cushions you can read his face like a book ‘really?! More cushions, why on earth do we need MORE cushions?’ However I will not give in, I love them. This is one of my newer additions, I mean seriously who could not love this cushion? They do a green one with zebras on as well.

I fell in love with the colour of this vase and the texture of all the cracks is beautiful. Don’t worry I am under no illusion that I will now have a house full of flowers all the time but this looks beautiful empty too, and that is what I love about it.

Now I don’t have this light, but I most definitely want it. Actually no, I think it is more than that, I think it is a need. I have wanted one of these for a while, but unfortunately things like vacuum cleaners and wallpaper strippers take priority (what is that even about?). Nevertheless I recommend everyone needs a circus light in any form, maybe a star like this, maybe an arrow or a letter, whatever way I suggest you all go get one. Beau-ti-ful.

We need coat hooks. I know they are not the most inspiring of things to look for but Rose & Grey really proved me wrong. I love these. Not only are they metallic and anything metallic is awesome in my book they are gorgeous. I admit it I am a magpie and it takes all my willpower not to have a totally metallic home.

I love candles, I have dreams of having candles everywhere – yes I know the fire hazard, but I think they can make a room look dreamy. If you are having a BBQ that runs into the evening I think candles can just really set the mood and also if you have citronella ones keep away the bugs. I have been loving all the lanterns on offer at the moment, this one especially from Zara Home but there are loads out there that are stunning.

Because you drink so much tea and coffee when decorating a house (bit of a generalisation) there is nothing better than drinking it out of a beautiful mug. In celebration of 150 years since Lewis Carroll’s Halcyon Days and Fortnum and Mason have collaborated a beautiful and fun collection of teaware. This mug is possibly my favourite of the collection but would love the entire set if anyone is offering?

Finally, on my radar at the moment in the home accessories department is this clock from The White Company. It’s pretty pricey but oh so lovely. There is an alarm clock that is of the same style, which I love too.

Let me know what your recent purchases for the house are and what is on your wishlist, I’d love to hear from you.


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