Country Getaway | Eckington Manor

‘Your time at Eckington Manor can be spent exactly as you please, brushing up on your cookery skills, relaxing in our luxurious bedrooms, sampling some of the delicious foods on offer or simply soaking up the countryside air.’ 

Peter Pan

This is how Eckington Manor describes itself and was exactly what we needed after a frantic few weeks of me getting my coursework together for university and D helping and supporting me all the way. We also had the great excuse of the bathroom being done, there was not a more perfect time to escape to the country.

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Home Accessories | Wishlist

Dave and I bought our very first house together in December *eeek*. So far it has all been quite an exciting journey, you know apart from having no heating in January, having a shower that dribbled more than ran and was decorated with approximately 13 different types of wallpaper (and counting). The house itself is ‘sturdy’ is something we can often be heard saying as we show people around. We both work in the architecture world and trying to agree on things can be quite testing at times and things have taken longer and cost more than we originally thought, but I love it. Continue reading

Owl by Night

The Big Hoot | Birmingham

Between 20th July and 27th September Birmingham is being taken over by 89 owls. Each one has been designed by a different artist and has been sponsored by a company or organisation. There are also owlets to be found too, which have been designed by different schools in Birmingham. At the end of the event the owls will be auctioned off and all the proceeds will go to Birmingham Children’s hospital, which is obviously a great cause.

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