Port & Blackberry Cake

Summer seems to be hurtling past at the moment and I appear to be struggling to keep up. I cannot believe we are in the middle of August already and I am starting to fear that summer will be over and done with before I have had sufficient time to soak up the sunshine, enjoy as many barbecues as humanly possible and eat a million ice lollies. Although strictly speaking these are activities not reserved for the summer months only, I love an autumn barbecue.

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White Chocolate & Biscoff Blondies

I am not entirely sure how it is Sunday already, it has been another busy week here. Dave and I are attempting to get back into DIY in the house and garden this year so last weekend was spent digging and chopping down a tree/ hedge/ bush/ prickly thing and we both ended up with scratches all up our arms but hopefully all worth it for when the summer comes. If any of you have some gardening tips I definitely need all of them so please feel free. We are attempting to have a little vegetable patch up and running this year but then again we said that last year – as you can tell its all a work in progress. Anyway back to the post in hand, I have more blondies for you this week delicious ones with biscoff and white chocolate in.


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White Chocolate & Raspberry Blondies

At the beginning of the year I didn’t even really know what they were but now I am well and truly hooked. As a brownie lover, the darker the better, I was unsure of its fairer counterpart, questioning what the point really was. However, on the continuing quest of trying out new things and seeing that people seemed to love them I needed to understand why. So, I took my first, hesitant step into the world of blondies with this recipe and can guarantee that this certainly won’t be the last blondie recipe you see me make, I am a convert. The butterscotch flavours had me from the first taste, imagine raw cookie dough but better (because at the very least its not raw).

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Brownies 1.0

Why hello there! Here we are almost hitting the end of January (if anyone could tell me where time disappears to let me know) and here is my first blog post of 2017. I have had a good time off though, busy spending time with family, doing DIY and getting some ideas together. I am looking forward to a fun (and cake) filled 2017! I am starting as I mean to go on with a delicious brownie recipe for you.


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