The easiest of treats to make, these no-bake fridge cake treats make the best last minute gifts. Or great for those guests who just happen to drop in at this time of year. Tiffin is one of mine and my families firm favourites.


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Mulled Wine

The smell of mulled wine is starting to fill the air as you walk into cafes, pubs, bars and my house! Mulled wine is one of my favourite things about Christmas. I remember my mum making it when we were younger and loving the smell never knowing what the elixir was. Then when I was old enough to try it I loved it even though at the time I didn’t like wine, especially red (oh how times change).


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Salted Caramel Chocolate Log

I know it is early to start talking about Christmas but as the nights get darker, the days shorter and it gets so much colder I start thinking about the festive season. So here we are with my first Christmas recipe for 2016, an indulgent salted caramel chocolate log. Christmas for me has always been about family, getting together and celebrating with everyone. For my family and I this always involves food, to us it is an important part of the season. My dad is German and my Mum is British so we have always mixed and matched traditions to suit, so when Wren Kitchens asked me to participate in Wren’s Christmas Kitchen I thought it was perfect for how we celebrate the season.

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Mulled Apple Juice

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As soon as the clocks go back in October and the nights start getting dark I begin craving mulled wine. This always signals the beginning of hibernation for me, where I like nothing more than curling up on the sofa with some wine and a film. This then soon turns into mulled wine with a mince pie, then with the Christmas tree lights on and you can see how it all develops into a big glitter, fairy light, mulled wine and mince pie fest and for this I will not apologise. I would, however, say that I do get excited by Christmas a little early, again I am not going to apologise as Christmas comes only once a year after all and I feel we might as well milk it for all it is worth. My friend, Mary, loves mulled wine as much as I do but this year she is pregnant (hooray!) and therefore mulled alcohol is not really an option. So I began thinking how you could enjoy the warmth of a mulled wine without the alcohol, I also have a few Muslim friends who I feel need to get involved with the warm spiced drink (other than chai obviously). So here it is mulled apple juice – a take on mulled cider but pregnant, Muslim and children friendly.

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