Seville Orange Curd

This past weekend has been a great one, nothing spectacular has happened but I have got stuff done that I have been meaning to do forever. When we moved into our house a year ago we didn’t quite know where to start because there was so much to do. We did know, however, that it would not be the garden, heating after all is slightly more important. Over time we have learnt that the previous owner was a keen gardner until he was too old to be able to keep it up, though planting an evergreen tree and bush slap bang in the middle of the lawn seems slightly strange. So after 13 months of owning the house and grumbling about this tree we finally cut it down on Saturday.Β Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the green it gave the garden and the fact that the birds loved it and I really hope to give them back an even better place to nest eventually. What I did not enjoy was the fact it carved our garden in two. It does feel great to have it down and makes me want to think more about what we want from the garden in the future – although one thing Dave and I have agreed on is a vegetable patch.

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