Venice: Memories

As I went through my usual “I’m going to sort this blog out” review I discovered loads of photos I never shared from when Dave and I went to Venice 2017(?!). Instead of the ramblings I had originally planned I have decided to share some of my favourite photos with my top 3 memories.

Top 3 memories:

  • The view from the Rialto Bridge – hugely busy but worth all the hustle and bustle in my opinion. I could stand there for hours just people watching. This also happens to be my favourite photo of the whole batch.


  • Cima Rosa Boutique Bed & Breakfast – our accommodation was beautiful. Simply stunning. Breakfast was served in the kitchen and we would often go down slightly earlier to sit by the window looking out onto the Grand Canal and watch all the boats. The rooms are spacious and the beds are oh so comfortable. Would recommend staying here in a heartbeat.
  • San Marco Campanile – when we visited it was chucking it down with rain. The day we had planned to go to St Mark’s Square and climb the Campanile it was especially torrential and sideways. At the top we got drenched and I remember the bells going being so loud. Even in the terrible weather, the views were outstanding.


So there you go, my top 3 memories are like so many before me and very cliched but hey they are favourites for a reason right? 

Now for a few more photos…

The Bridge of Sighs
View from San Marco Campanile across to Santa Maria della Salute
St Mark’s Square
The Grand Canal
Gondolas in the rain

Have you been to Venice? What are your favourite memories? Let me know in the comments below.

Port & Blackberry Cake

Summer seems to be hurtling past at the moment and I appear to be struggling to keep up. I cannot believe we are in the middle of August already and I am starting to fear that summer will be over and done with before I have had sufficient time to soak up the sunshine, enjoy as many barbecues as humanly possible and eat a million ice lollies. Although strictly speaking these are activities not reserved for the summer months only, I love an autumn barbecue.

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Malteser Brownies

Having spent a long time prepping my summer bake for my previous post I just wanted to bake with (and eat) chocolate. Brownies are quite possibly my favourite things to make, I can never stop making them and eating them, they are easy enough to throw together on an evening and are such a crowd pleaser they really are one of my favourite things to make. I love how much they can be adapted with the flavour and texture it really is a never ending source of joy.

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Käsekuchen [Quark Cheesecake]

Is anyone else now well and truly ready for summer to arrive? We have had a few hints of what may be coming our way over the last couple of weeks with the sun breaking through the dark grey clouds and I for one cannot wait. A few weeks ago I was asked if I wanted to take part in a campaign for Inghams called Ingham Foodie Finds. The brief was to come up with a summer recipe from one of their holiday destinations. What a combination, holidays and food, my two favourite things. The brief was the perfect excuse to start thinking of summer bakes.


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